Register As An Approved Carrier

We thank you for your enquiry and would like to assure you that Chisco Express values its carriers as being the backbone of our service offering to the various clients we serve.

In order to register your company as an approved Carrier with us, we would need the following information and documents: information form, key carrier contacts, insurance details and signature.

Please note: The completion and submission of your application for registration as an approved carrier constitutes only an application and no legally binding agreement shall come into any force or effect until such time as we have considered your application and have advised you in writing that your application has been successful, the criteria and parameters of which we shall be entitled to determine in our sole and absolute discretion.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on any of the attached or should you like more information on any of our operational or administrative processes.

General Information
Key Carrier Contacts
Insurance Detail

The signatory hereto certifies that all above information is correct.